Tokyo Noir: The Complete First Season available in digital and print versions

Tokyo Noir: The Complete First Season is now available in digital and print versions. Tokyo Noir is a new type of serial that reads like some of the best shows from Netflix or HBO. Its gritty atmosphere, complex characters, and fast-paced action make it just as addictive and binge-worthy as some of today’s most engaging TV series.

The complete first season includes:

Episode I. The Drowning City
Episode II. Masters and Servants
Episode III. Human Sacrifices
Episode IV. Served Cold
Episode V. The Heart of the Machine


Tokyo Noir – A new type of serial


Tokyo Noir is a new type of serial patterned after the best contemporary TV dramas. Its gritty atmosphere, complex characters, visual style, and fast-paced action make it just as addictive and binge-worthy as some of today’s most engrossing TV series! It offers a fresh take on a classic genre by blending the moral ambiguity and menace of noir with the high-stakes tension and suspense of a thriller.

The first season consists of five episodes:

Episode I. The Drowning City
Episode II. Masters and Servants
Episode III. Human Sacrifices
Episode IV. Served Cold
Episode V. The Heart of the Machine

Available in the color-coded covers above, which are just adorbs. Check out Episode I for free at Amazon. You can also get Episode 2 free by signing up to my mailing list. You’ll only ever receive information on book releases, as well as free book giveaways, bonus material, and more cool stuff.


A killer stalks the streets of a near-future Tokyo on the brink. The cascade of events unleashed by the slayings threatens to drag under three people on opposite sides of the law.

There’s Vasili, the ruthless yakuza boss desperately trying to conceal a secret so explosive it could tear the underworld apart. Will he succeed, or will the vast criminal machine he has built finally spin out of his control?
Satoshi, the street soldier forced by Vasili to bring in his former best friend for a fate worse than death. He’ll have to decide whether his loyalty lies with his friend or his unyielding boss, before time runs out for both of them.
And Mei, the honest cop tasked with catching the killer, only to find herself pulled under Vasili’s influence. Caught between a corrupt police force and a gangster determined to lead her astray at every turn, she’ll have to outwit both sides if she’s to stop the killer before he strikes again.

Three desperate people who will have to break all their own rules just to stay alive. And even that may not be enough.

In the Dark

i just recently published my second novel, a psychological thriller called in the dark which is available here.

it’s a tightly-plotted book designed to keep the reader guessing as it deals with a man suffering from hallucinations to the point where he can’t be sure what’s real and what’s in his head. here’s the synopsis from amazon below:

Number Nine wakes up in a room containing several dead bodies without any memory of how he got there, who he is, or who killed the other men. He doesn’t know if he can trust his only contact, a mysterious woman calling herself Five who feeds him information over the phone, but who he has no memory of ever meeting. Neither can he trust his own senses, since he’s suffering from nightmarish hallucinations conjured up by his damaged psyche. All he knows for certain is that he’s in a race against time to find answers and a cure for his condition as his mind crumbles around him. To save himself, Nine must uncover the secrets behind an experiment on former soldiers gone horribly wrong and the shocking truth about his own dark past. Will he be able to stop his headlong descent into madness, or are his problems all just in his head?

intrigued? of course you are. go grab your copy here, and good luck figuring it out.


cover design award



hardup has won an award for best ebook cover design for july 2015! i’m pretty sure that i’m allowed to refer to the book as “award-winning” now.

you can view the contest and the other winners here.

all credit for this win goes to james t. egan at bookfly design, who did an outstanding job with the cover design for the book. luckily, i’ve already booked him to do the cover for the second book in the series, which should be available later this year.

and if you haven’t already bought a copy of the book, you can do that here.


book release


hey! hardup is now available on amazon! pick up your copy here


Jason’s new startup has an amazing idea that will literally blow the world …


Because for hot startups with a great idea the streets of San Francisco are paved with gold (beneath all the garbage, piss, and soiled mattresses, of course). To succeed in the competitive tech scene, they’ll have to claw their way to the top of a heap of douchenozzles and wantrepreneurs. But if they can do it, they just might make the world a better place make themselves filthy rich in the process.

Hardup offers readers a darkly comic take on modern technology and the tech world, as it skewers everything from the Silicon Valley startup scene to life in San Francisco. It’s a sharp satire that’s not for the faint of heart, but readers with a twisted sense of humor will love its hilarious premise and fast-paced comedy