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hey! hardup is now available on amazon! pick up your copy here


Jason’s new startup has an amazing idea that will literally blow the world …


Because for hot startups with a great idea the streets of San Francisco are paved with gold (beneath all the garbage, piss, and soiled mattresses, of course). To succeed in the competitive tech scene, they’ll have to claw their way to the top of a heap of douchenozzles and wantrepreneurs. But if they can do it, they just might make the world a better place make themselves filthy rich in the process.

Hardup offers readers a darkly comic take on modern technology and the tech world, as it skewers everything from the Silicon Valley startup scene to life in San Francisco. It’s a sharp satire that’s not for the faint of heart, but readers with a twisted sense of humor will love its hilarious premise and fast-paced comedy