In the Dark

i just recently published my second novel, a psychological thriller called in the dark which is available here.

it’s a tightly-plotted book designed to keep the reader guessing as it deals with a man suffering from hallucinations to the point where he can’t be sure what’s real and what’s in his head. here’s the synopsis from amazon below:

Number Nine wakes up in a room containing several dead bodies without any memory of how he got there, who he is, or who killed the other men. He doesn’t know if he can trust his only contact, a mysterious woman calling herself Five who feeds him information over the phone, but who he has no memory of ever meeting. Neither can he trust his own senses, since he’s suffering from nightmarish hallucinations conjured up by his damaged psyche. All he knows for certain is that he’s in a race against time to find answers and a cure for his condition as his mind crumbles around him. To save himself, Nine must uncover the secrets behind an experiment on former soldiers gone horribly wrong and the shocking truth about his own dark past. Will he be able to stop his headlong descent into madness, or are his problems all just in his head?

intrigued? of course you are. go grab your copy here, and good luck figuring it out.