what kind of asshole writer puts a donate button on their site?

hear me out. the donate button is here for readers who may have read a pirated version of one of my books. and if that’s the case, i get it. maybe it was easier to get a pirated version, maybe a friend sent it to you, or maybe you wanted to read the book but money is tight. i ain’t mad ‘acha. but if you liked the book, if you enjoy my writing and want to support what i do, then please consider making a donation for the effort that went into producing that material.

still tight on cash? it’s cool. but how about telling your friends, or anyone you know who may appreciate my books, about them? or if you liked the book, how about going to the book’s page on amazon and leavingĀ a review? all of these things help me to support myself as a writer so i can get material out to readers like you faster in the future.


j. scott matthews